Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 1863 (Monday): "Disasterous Failure"

SAVANNAH, GA., November 1, 1863.
General B. BRAGG,
Mission Ridge, Tenn.:
     Your telegram of the 31st received. The result is a bitter disappointment, as my expectations were sanguine that the enemy, by throwing across the Tennessee his force at Bridgeport, had insured the success of the operations suggested by General Longstreet and confided to his execution. Such disobedience of orders and disastrous failure as you describe cannot consistently be overlooked. I suppose you have received the explanation due to the Government, and I shall be pleased if one satisfactory has been given.


Official Records, Series I, Vol. 52, Part 2, Page 558.

Unfortunately the telegram Davis is responding to is not found in the O.R. But it is acknowledged in other sources, where Bragg blames Longstreet for the botched actions in Lookout Valley and Wauhatchie and offers to resign.  Davis, instead, acquiesced in sending Longstreet away from Bragg's command to east Tennessee.

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