Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 13, 1861 (Saturday) Fort Sumter Surrenders


April 18 (1861)- 10.30 a.m.-via New York

Having defended Fort Sumter for thirty-four hours, until the quarters were entirely burned, the main gates destroyed by fire, the gorge walls seriously injured, the magazine surrounded by flames, and it door closed from the effects of heat, four barrels and three cartridges of powder only being available, and no provisions remaining but pork, I accepted terms of evacuation offered by General Beauregard, being the same offered by him on the 11th instant, prior to the commencement of hostilities, and marched out of the fort Sunday afternoon, the 14th instant, with colors flying and drums beating, bringing away company and private property, and saluting my flag with forty guns.

Major, First Artillery, Commanding

Written by the commander of Fort Sumter to Simon Cameron, Secretary of War describing the events of the 13th.

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