Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 1861 (Monday): McClellan Arrives

George Brinton McClellan

                                                                        CINCINNATI, May 20, 1861
Hon. Simon Cameron:
     Important to occupy Cumberland at once.  Advices indicate movement through it on Western Virginia to influence election.  Occupation of Cumberland will stop the movement.  I hope Ohio contingent will not be limited to nine-regiments-be brought up to twenty.  I have yet received neither instructions nor authority.  My hands tied until I have one or the other.  Every day of importance.
                                                                        GEO. B. McCLELLAN,

Say what you will of George McClellan, and many have said much, his character was of a consistent nature throughout the war.  Overestimating the danger at hand, impatient for authority, convinced that each challenge is grave.  This was George B. McClellan.

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