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April 24, 1863 (Saturday): Imboden's Raid Begins

General B. S. Roberts (Library of Congress)

BUCKHANNON, VA., April 24, 1863.
Major General H. W. HALLECK,
    The combined forces of Imboden and [W. L.] Jackson attacked Beverly this afternoon, and have taken that place. Colonel Latham has retreated on the road to Philippi. The enemy interposed cavalry and artillery in the road to this place, and prevented his falling back. Reenforcements should be thrown into Grafton without delay or the enemy will reach the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and do great damage. The roads in this region are impassable.

     B. S. ROBERTS,
     Brigadier-General, Commanding.

Washington, April 24, 1863-8 p. m.
Brigadier General B. S. ROBERT,
Buckhannon, Va.:
    Collect your forces, defend the railroad, and drive the enemy back You are strong enought to do it if you try. Do not call for re-enforcements from here. You have no need of them, and we have none to give you if you had. I do not understand how the roads are impassable to you, when, by your own account, they are possible enough to the enemy. if you cannot drive the enemy out, we will seek some one who can.

     H. W. HALLECK,

April 24, 1863-9.40 p. m.
Major-General HALLECK:
     Your telegram received. I have collected my forces from Sutton and Bulltown into this place, to repel the enemy. Colonel Latham, with half of my command, has allowed himself to be surprised, and has been compelled to retreat in the direction of Philippi, where he cannot reach me. The enemy has five regiments of cavalry. I have but four companies. The roads the enemy has passed over are the mountain roads. Those I must move over are in the valley, and I have never seen any in so impassable a condition. I shall fail in nothing that is possible.

    B. S. ROBERTS,

Official Records, Series I., Vol. 25, Part 2, Page 246.

On the 20th Grumble Jones left Harrisonburg to march  by way of Mount Jackson, Petersburg, and the Northwest Turnpike to attack the B&O Railroad at Rowlesburg.  From Monteray Imboden left to capture Beverley and then linkup with Jones.  Hooker was far from supportive of the beleaugered Roberts..

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