Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 16, 1863 (Sunday): Rosecrans Grows Concerned

General William S. Rosecrans

HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE CUMBERLAND, Chattanooga, October 16, 1863-7 p.m.
Major-General BURNSIDE,
Knoxville, Tenn.:
     The enemy are preparing pontoons and increasing number on our front. If they cross between us you will go up, and probably we too. You ought to move in this direction, at least as far as Kingston, which should be strongly fortified, and your spare stores go into it without delay. You ought to be free to oppose a crossing of the river, and with your cavalry to keep open complete and rapid communications between us, so that we can move combinedly on him. Let me hear from you, if possible, at once. No news from you in ten days. Our cavalry drove the rebel raid across the Tennessee at Lamb's Ferry, with loss to them of 2,000 killed, wounded, prisoners, and deserters; also five pieces of artillery.


     Answer quick.

Official Records, Series I., Vol. 30, Part 4, Page 428.

Burnside was spread out across eastern Tennessee and could not readily come to Rosecrans aide.  The problem was to consolidate enough of his troops so as to at least make a feint in Rosecrans direction.  The situation remained critical in Chattanooga, with Rosecrans troops on limited rations. 

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