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October 2, 1863 (Sunday): Wheeler Attacks Rosecrans Supply Train

Area of Signal Mountain Where Wheeler Attacked Union Wagon Train (Civil War

CHATTANOOGA, TENN., October 2, 1863-10.30 p.m. [Received 2 p.m., 3rd.]
Major General H. W. HALLECK,
    The rebel cavalry, which crossed between Burnside and our left, turned our cavalry; got to Anderson, by Pikeville, before the cavalry of McCook reached there. Attacked and burned our wagons at the foot of the mountain. A general supply and ammunition train was there. The extent of the disaster is not yet known. The non-arrival of our cavalry there not yet explained, nor do we know where it is. Infantry is moving to the point from both this way and Bridgeport. The enemy still on our front, preparing and awaiting the effects of his raids. The Eleventh Corps is at Bridgeport. No advices from its commander nor from Hooker yet received.

       W. S. ROSECRANS,

Official Records, Series I., Vol. 30, Part 4, Page 32.

 Joe Wheeler's cavalry destroyed a Union supply train on Walden's Ridge (Signal Mountain).  The last supply line into Chattanooga was now destroyed and rosecrans soldiers were reduced to quarter rations.  The ten mile long wagon train stretched from the top of the mountain into the Sequatchie Valley.  Up to 700 wagons were captured or destroyed along with more than 1,000 mules.  However, Bragg was not able to succeed in starving out the Union forces, despite the success of the raid.


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