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December 27, 1863 (Saturday): Report From Clark's Mountain

Lee and Stuart Approaching Clark's Mountain (

DECEMBER 27, 1863.

General J. E. B. STUART:
GENERAL: I send you the report from Clark's Mountain received this morning:
    The enemy's camps of about two corps are in sight, as before reported, near Mitchell's Station and along the railroad between Mitchell's Station and Culpeper Court-House. No movements in their camp this morning. It is too smoky to see plainly about Brandy and vicinity, but the rising of columns of smoke indicates increased camps about Stone-House Mountain and Culpeper Court-House.
    I wish if to-morrow is favorable you would ride to Clark's Mountain and observe the position of the enemy, and let me know your conclusion. The report from the mountain does not coincide with Lomax's of 11.15 to-day, just received.
     Very respectfully,

     R. E. LEE.

Official Records, Series I., Vol. 29, Part 2, Page 892.

It was unlikely Meade would press Lee further with the campaign season ending, but it was still important to remain vigilant.  Clark's Mountain (1073 feet above sea level) had a commanding view of the area toward Culpeper and eastward.

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