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January 30, 1864 (Thursday): The Thanks of Congress

Major Heros von Borcke

[No. 44.] - JOINT RESOLUTION of thanks to Major General J. E. B. Stuart, and the officers and men under his command.
     Resolution of thanks by the Confederate Congress to Major Heros von Borcke. Whereas Major Heros von Borcke, of Prussia, assistant adjutant and inspector general of the cavalry corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, having left his own country to assist in securing the independence of ours, and by his personal gallantry in the field having won the admiration of his comrades as well as that of his commanding general, all of whom deeply sympathize with him in his present sufferings from wounds received in battle: Therefore, Resolved by the Congress of the Confederate States of America, That the thanks of Congress are due, and the same are hereby tendered, to Major von Borcke, for his self-sacrificing devotion to our Confederacy, and for his distinguished services in support of its cause. Resolved. That a copy of the foregoing resolution be transmitted to Major von Borcke by the President of the Confederate States. Approved January 30, 1864.

Official Records, Series I., Vol. 27, Part 2, Page 712.

Von Borcke sought adventure and on hearing of the advent of war in America made his way to the Confederate states through Bermuda.  A cavalry officer in Prussia he attached himself to Stuart's command and the two become good friends.  He participated in all of Stuart's campaigns until severely wounded at Middleburg.  He later resumed active service with Stuart as a staff officer and finished the war on a diplomatic mission to England.

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