Sunday, April 20, 2014

February 17, 1864 (Wednesday): Davis Looks West

The Confederate White House, Richmond

RICHMOND, VA., February 17, 1864.
General J. E. JOHNSTON,
Dalton, Ga.:
    The information received satisfies me that you should re-enforce General Polk. You will therefore detach General Hardee with the infantry of his corps, except Stevenson's division, and direct him to proceed with all possible dispatch to unite with General Polk, as may be indicated by the movements of the enemy. The quartermasters along the route should make all practicable preparations to facilitate the movement. It is hoped and expected that these troops will be returned to you before your present linecan be seriously endangered. You will realize the propriety of preventing as far as possible publicity being given to this movement.


Official Records, Series I., Vol. 52, Part 2, Page 621.

The war in the west was not going well for the Confederacy.  Having moved their supply lines eastward the Union could hold forces in central positions and threaten the Confederates at multiple points.  This letter from Davis shows how involved the President was in managing the war.

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