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February 22, 1864 (Tuesday): Battle at Olustee

CHARLESTON, S. C., February 22, 1864.
Major General W. H. C. WHITING,
Wilmington, N. C.:
    General Finegan met enemy at or near Olustee, Fla., on 20th instant, in full force under Seymour, and defeated him with heavy loss. We have field of battle, enemy's killed and wounded, five pieces of artillery, large number of small-arms and prisoners, and our cavalry is pursuing. Our loss about 250 officers and men killed and wounded.

(Same sent to General Mackall, chief of staff, Dalton, Ga., and Major General D. H. Maury, Mobile, Ala.)

CHARLESTON, S. C., February 22, 1864.
Brigadier General R. S. RIPLEY,
Mount Pleasant:
     Finegan has defeated Seymour of Olustee, Fla., with heavy loss to enemy; possession of field of battle, five pieces of artillery, large number of small-arms, and prisoners and the enemy's killed and wounded. Our cavalry pursuing with vigor.

     Chief of Staff.

Official Records, Series I., Vol. 35, Part 1, Page 633.

Seymour had landed at Jacksonville and worked his way inland 20miles to Baldwin where he was met on the 9th by Gillmore.  On the 20th Henrys cavalry brigade made contact and drove Confederate outposts back to their main body, under Finnegan.  The 7th New Hampshire was hit while deploying and routed.  The 8th Infantry of the US African-American Infantry also broke and fled.  Finally the 54th Massachusetts held until dark.  Seymour then withdrew having lost a third of his force in killed, wounded, and missing. 

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