Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 29, 1861 (Thursday): McClellan Dresses Down Rosecrans

General Erastus B. Tyler

AUGUST 29, 1861.
Brigadier General W. S. ROSECRANS,

Clarksburg, Va.:
There is no excuse for Tyler being surprised.* Concentrate everything possible against Floyd. Let Cox leave the minimum force required to hold the Gauley, and with the remainder of his troops attack Floyd from the south at the same time you attack from the north. Your continuced presence at Clarksburg excites comment.


Official Records, Series I., Vol. 51, Part 1, Page 463

McClellan affixes blame for Tyler's defeat.  Reynolds and Cox were McClellan's favorites in the theatre, Rosecrans and Tyler less so.    While McClellan may have wished Rosecrans to be more active, Clarksburg was a central point worthy of occupation.  McClellan was confident, though, of his troops ability to check Floyd and Wise and preferred more active campaigning.  No doubt the political element in Washington felt likewise.

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