Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4, 1861 (Sunday): Trouble Brewing In Missouri

M. Jeff Thompson

August 4, 1861.

Major General JOHN C. FREMONT,
Department of the West, Saint Louis:

SIR: I have just sent a bearer of dispatches to the telegraph office at Jonesborough, Ill., giving you the information that Thompson's command was 16 miles from me and advancing.
Send, if you can, re-enforcements and ammunition. Am fortifying the Windmill Hill, and will hold out as long as possible.

Very respectfully, yours,

Colonel Twentieth Illinois Vols., Commanding

Series I., Vol 3., Page 425  Thompson had been mayor of Saint Louis in 1860 and was a native Virginian.  He lead partisan troops in Missouri and was a constant threat to Fremont's lines of communication.

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