Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 29, 1861 (Thursday): Halleck Finds Things Not To His Liking In Missouri

General Henry Halleck

SAINT LOUIS, November 29, 1861.
Major General GEORGE B. McCLELLAN:
After thoroughly sifting for a whole week all information received from scouts, spies, &c., I am satisfied that the enemy is operating in and against this State with a much larger force than was supposed when I left Washington, and also that a general insurrection is organizing in the counties near the Missouri River between Booneville and Saint Joseph. A desperate effort will be made to supply and winter their troops in this State, so as to spare their own resources for a summer campaign. What is wanted here most is arms. Many of our regiments have none of any kind. 


Official Records, I., Vol. 8, Part 1, Page 392

War in the 1860’s functioned on a calendar.  Winter months, certainly January and Februrary, were blocked out from hostilities for the most part because of cold weather, impassable roads, and the difficulty of supplying man and beast during the winter months.  Added to that, in 1861, was the lack of arms Halleck describes.  Unarmed regiments were of no use, and there were more than a few of these. 

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