Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 30, 1861 (Tuesday): Wars Within Wars

Colonel James Chestnut and His Wife Mary
RICHMOND, VA., October 30, 1861.

Colonel JAMES CHESNUT, Camden, S. C.:
MY DEAR SIR: I beg that you will as promptly as possible send me a statement of a communication made to me by yourself on or about July 13 last, as aide of General Beauregard, in relation to any proposed plan of battle or campaign. I ask this because I have had my attention directed to a synopsis in the newspapers of General Beauregard's report so entirely at variance with the facts as they occurred that I think it well to recur to your recollection of the massage brought by you from the general.
I am, very truly, your friend,


Official Records, Series 1, Vol. 2, Part 1, Page 505

Beauregard made an enemy of President Davis in the aftermath of Bull Run by putting across to friendly newspapers that Davis had prevented Beauregard from following up on the victory and moving Confederate forces immediately against Washington.  By this time Beauregard's aide Chestnutt had returned to South Carolina to serve on the state council.  He is, at this writing, most known as the husband of the noted diarist Mary Chestnutt.


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