Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 15, 1862 (Wednesday): No Shoes, No Blankets, No Shirts

Potomac Street in Hagerstown

SHARPSBURG, October 15, 1862.
General INGALLS:
    I have just returned from Hagerstown, where I have been for the clothing for the corps. There was nothing there but overcoats, trousers, and a few uniform coats and socks. There were not any shoes, blankets, shirts, or shelter-tents. Will you please tell me where and when the balance can be had? Shall I send to Harper's Ferry for them to-morrow? The corps surgeon has just made a requisition for forty-five hospital tents. There are none at Hagerstown. Will you please to inform me if I can get them at Harper's Ferry?

Captain and Quartermaster.

HAGERSTOWN, October 15, 1862.
Colonel INGALLS, Quartermaster:
    I want at least 10,000 suits of clothing in addition to what I have received. It should be here now.

Assistant Quartermaster.

Official Records, Series I., Vol. 19, Part 1, Page 76.

The shorthand version of the war mentions barefoot Confederates, but not shoeless union soldiers.   With massive numbers of new recruits the logistics of supplying them was difficult. 

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