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March 25, 1863 (Friday): What News?

The Telegraph Office-Washington (

Washington, March 25, 1863.

Major-General Hurlbut, Mephis:
   What news have you?  What from Vicksburg?  What from Yazoo Pass?  What from Lake Providence?  What generally?



March 25, 1863.

Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States:
   Two divisions of General Sherman's command are in Steele's Bayou, above Haynes' Bluff, and two divisions in Yazoo Pass, near Greenwood.  Water runs freely into Lake Providence, but Bayou Macon is encumbered with trees.   About 900 square miles of Upper Louisiana under water.  Canal at Vicksburg deep enough but not wide enough.  Enemy are repairing Mobile and Ohio Railroad, and will run to Tupelo by next week.  This road is strongly guarded.  All indications point to asteady abandonment of Vicksburg and concentration on Rosecrans, with a division on my left.  Enemy's cavalry in front of Corinth are being strongly re-enforced.  This, I think, is a cover, unless Van Dorn is driven across the Tennessee, when we may have something to do.
   The troops in this command are in fine order and ready for what may turn up.


Official Records, Series I., Vol. 24, Part 3, Page 147.

Hurlburt was familiar with Lincoln from before the war, when both were at the bar in Illinois.  Hurlbut, as was popularly believed in the army, stayed at the bar during the war and was criticized for drunkenness and corruption.  But Lincoln utilized such as Hurlbut to gain information indirectly on the progress of the Army, observing no allegiance to chain of command.  Thus were some careers advanced and others impeded, although to Lincoln's credit he did realize the worth of such men as Grant, even when he was going behind his back. 

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