Monday, September 2, 2013

August 28, 1863 (Sunday): The Old Familar Places

Hamilton's Crossing (, Richard Ederling)

August 28, 1863-8 a. m. (Received 8. 20 a. m.)
Major-General HUMPHREYS,
Chief of Staff:
    GENERAL: General Kilpatrick reports 3 deserters from McLaws' division. They crossed last evening, and state their division left Raccoon Ford four days ago, and marched to Wall's Tavern, where it is receiving supplies from Frederick's Hall, on the Virginia Central Railroad. Pickett's division is on the telegraph road near Fredericksburg. Hood's is between Hamilton's Crossing and Port Royal.
    A brigade of infantry under General Cooke is at Fredericksburg, not assigned. Wall's Tavern is about 10 miles northeast from Frederick's Hall.

   The force on the peninsula between the Potomac and Rappahannock consists of three regiments of infantry and one of cavalry, with four guns, near King George Court-House. They have a picket line from Lamb's Creek Church to the Potomac, and are taking large quantities of forage to the opposite side of the river from Port Conway.
    Colonel Gregg reports all quiet and no change in his front. Jenkins' and Jones' brigades of cavalry are near Sperryville. General Buford reports no changes in his front.
    Very respectfully,

    Major-General, Commanding.

Official Records, Series I., Vol. 29, Part 2, Pages 105-106.

The battlegrounds, campgrounds, and byways of the war had become familiar names.  Racoon Ford would be familiar with students of Jackson at Cedar Mountain.  Frederick's Hall was a major way station for supply.  And well did Hood's troops know the area of Hamilton's Crossing on the old Fredericksburg battleground.

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