Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1, 1863 (Sunday): A Leak Investigation

General Joseph E. Johnston

RICHMOND, VA., August 1, 1863.
General JOSEPH E. Johnston,
Commanding, &c.,:
     SIR: I inclose to you a communication published, as you will observe, in the newspapers.
There is interval evidence that it was written by some one having access to your correspondence, and a copy of a letter written by one of your staff has been exhibited in this city which contains passages so identical with the published communication as to leave little room for doubt as to its origin.
It is needless to say that you are not considered capable of giving countenance to such efforts at laudation of yourself and detraction of others, and the paper is sent to you with the confidence that you will take the proper action in the premises.
     Very respectfully, your most obedient servant.


MORTON, August 11, 1863.
His Excellency the PRESIDENT, Richmond:
    Your letter of the 1st instant and the newspaper article inclosed with it just received. I have neither seen nor heard of it before. My staff officers present know nothing of it. It is clearly based upon information only to be had in my office. It shall be investigated.

     J. E. Johnston.
Official Records, Series I., Vol. 24, Part 3, Page 1070.

Davis and Johnston were never on the best of terms, so it must have been difficult for Johnston to be shown evidence of indiscretion in his professional family.  Beyond that, it represented a breach of security. 

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