Monday, August 12, 2013

August 13, 1863 (Friday): A Bounty On A Ship

USS New Ironsides

CHARLESTON, August 13, 1863.
[General G. T. BEAUREGARD:]
    MY DEAR SIR: Understanding that several projects are on foot to destroy the Ironsides, I take the liberty of saying to you (should the parties come before you) that I am authorized by my copartners to offer $100,000 for them and myself and any party who will sink or destroy the Ironsides or the Wabash, and $50,000 if one of the monitors is destroyed. It may be of service, this offer, and I take the liberty to write you this note.
    Yours, truly,


Official Records, Series I., Vol. 28, Part 2, Page 280.

Fraser ran a cotton brokerage in Charleston, his interest in the matter being slanted a great deal toward the financial end of the equation.  The New Ironsides saw extensive combat during the war.  It was a wooden hulled ship covered in iron plating and had both steam and sail power capabilities.  There was one successful attack on the ship by a submersible, the CSS David, but the attack did not cause sufficient damage to take the New Ironsides off the line.  After the war the ship was destroyed in a fire caused by an unlit stove.

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