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August 12, 1863 (Thursday): Fort Sumter Two Years On

Stereoscopic Image of Interior of Fort Sumter

Charleston, S. C., August 12, 1863.
Brigadier General R. S. RIPLEY,
Commanding First Military District:
    GENERAL: Five 8-inch naval shell guns were originally ordered from Fort Sumter to Battery Cheves, but one of them was afterward directed to be placed in Battery Haskell, where it is much needed, but is not there as yet, it is said. Please look to this matter.
    The further constructions of all works for defense of Fort Sumter are placed under your charge, a special order to that effect having been issued.
    Will it not be advisable to use barges and boats as much as possible in the transportation of sand-bags from the several points where they are filled? A large of these barges Major Echols has been directed to transfer to quartermaster's department. We must use our means of transportation with the utmost skill and energy, to make it in any way adequate to our wants in the emergency.
    Now that you have the direct charge of the works at Fort Sumter, you can arrange that matter for the accommodation of laborers.
    Respectfully, your obedient servant,

    Chief of Staff.

Official Records, Series I., Vol. 28, Part 2, Page 225.

Two years and 4 months earlier, Beauregard and Jordan looked out at Fort Sumter for an attacker's perspective.  Twenty-eight months in, Fort Sumter remained a focal point of the war, in some ways standing as defiantly as at war's commencement.

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