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April 19, 1864 (Wednesday): Plymouth Attacked

Ausbon House, Plymouth (Duckworth,

APRIL 19, 1864.
Colonel RIPLEY:
    Plymouth has been attacked. Keep your scouts out well on the roads to watch the enemy. Have a strong picket along the bank, so as to prevent any attempt on Macon. Hold the 400 colored men subject to your orders for defense temporarily. So distribute your men as to have all your can available for any service. Ask the naval commander to aid you in the protection of Morehead and other places.


APRIL 19, 1864-9.50 a. m.
Commanding Outposts, &c.:
    The news is that Plymouth has now been attacked. General Wessels writes that he has had some fighting and lost some men. New Berne may yet be the point to look out for.


Official Records, Series I., Vol. 33, Part 1, Page 917.

Hoke's force had moved rapidly on Plymouth, supported by the ram Albemarle.  The ram's appearance on the 19th coincided with the four regiments of infantry surrounding the Union defenses.  Twenty-eight hundred men under Wessel were effectively trapped and would surrender the next day.


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